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About WildIndo and handmade bags, shoes and jewelry

When I started designing rattan bags and opened WildIndo's shop for handmade leather bags back in 2016, I had no idea how successful it would be and how many people will like my designs. I knew I am bringing the difference and new, unique designs for women, but it is still getting better. It still makes me happy to see the customer enjoying her bag, even after hundreds of sales and wholesale orders.

It is not only about the modern style and elegant look in WildIndo. I wanted to build something deeper that connects fashion and makers, modern and tradition. Artisans with families who have the skill, but do not speak English to sell the bags to the world.

I value quality over quantity and my team of artisans and shopkeepers helping to deliver the best quality for fair prices. I directly support my people and look after them, it is not only fair trade and ethically made bags and accessories, but we are a team, small family to make you what you desire.

– Friska Ginting, Designer and Owner

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