What is Wildindo and who are we?

Hello, WildIndo has started from a small bamboo shop in 2017 by Friska Ginting. Friska came from Sumatra and Java as an artist and lover of visual art and design. She has been always creative and free spirit mind making murals and workshop for fine art. In WildIndo after her first successful design she was in love with Indonesian crafts. She understood the importance of craftsmanship behind each product and whole process including artisans and details needed. That is the first experience where WildIndo came from and is today. Quality people behind quality products, everything is made by hand and experience. We think all sides are happy and it is a win-win situation. You as a customer with a beautiful bag and artisans with their happy families and proper life.

part of Wildindo team, tailors, Friska, shopkeeper
part of Wildindo team, tailors, Friska, shopkeeper

Friska was able to put together great team of artisans, tailors and rattan weavers to work together on designs that are trendy and last. We all treat each other with respect. Our designs are trendy and feminine, all handmade in a high quality and our people are rewarded fairly for making it that they can live a proper life.

What does WildIndo mean?

Wild stands for bohemian, free and wild soul. In the materialistic meaning the resources like rattan, bamboo and grass grow wildly in jungle.

Indo stands for our people and products we make in Indonesia.

We are quality people behind quality products.

Our mission

We are proud and happy to be delivering beautiful and fashionable bags to you, but do you know about the other reasons behind Wildindo? There are two main pillars what we want to achieve with our business.

We want to give you eco-friendly products and at the same time we want to help Indonesian people and families to grow. In other words we make products that last and are ethically made.

Do you know that Indonesia is one of the worst plastic polluted countries?

We support and make our products from leather and rattan. These are all natural materials and are plastic-free. We also use recycled plastic in our jewelry. We also have open discussions with our friends and neighbors about plastic waste and how to decrease pollution. You can help the environment passively by using our durable bags for grocery shopping. Remember that every single bag makes the difference to the world.

How do we make the bags, sandals and accessories?

  • All is handmade
  • Made in Bali and Indonesia
  • Fair trade for our artisans, we pay them more than average
Artisan Hakim making a leather and rattan bag
Artisan Hakim making a leather and rattan bag

We make our products in Canggu behind our shop on Jl. Subak Sari. We teamed up with 4 artisans and they make our leather and rattan bags and accessories. We handmade all and hand-dye our leather too. We concentrate mainly on leather and rattan and our artisans have more than 10 years of experience working with leather.

You can read about our tailors, makers and artisans in our blog.

Do you consider helping local people in fair trade?

We support our Indonesian artisans in a way of bringing them reasonable amount of money for high quality and hand-made products. We support communities and families, where every dollar makes a difference. We avoid services and partners, where money would “disappear” on the way. We choose honest people to work with.

Rattan bag artisan Putu
Rattan bag artisan Putu

Last thought on good looking

We wish you chose the bag that fits you the most. The one, which makes you look good, wild and happy. If you are happy, we are happy and we make our artisans and their families happy. The world will be cleaner and happier for all of us.