Our people

Ata Handwaving

Ata handwoven bags have long history in Bali. We work with artisans from village Tenganan in East Bali. There are several communities who collect ata grass from jungle, hand wave, dry and glue lining.

Ata Handwaving making bali bag
Ibu Putu Ata Bag Handwoven

Ibu Putu – Hand waving

Ibu Putu comes from Tengangan village from East Bali. There is a huge community of handwoven ata bags and crafts as the jungle around them provides enough ata grass weed. She makes bags for seven years after her neighbor taught her. It is more of a community tradition rather than individual person working on it. […]

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Leather craftsmen

Our in-house tailors have many years of experience working with any kind of leather crafts. From clothes to bags and sandals. Leather crafts are easy, but combining it with rattan is tough job.

Hakim making a leather bag
Mr. Ziono is Wildindo tailor

Ziono – Tailor

Ziono is also known as Yono, comes from East Jawa, near volcano Ijen, where you can see blue fire at night. Yono has been working with leather for more than 13 years. He has worked in factories and from home before he joined us in the workshops in Canggu, Bali. Mr. Ziono is always energetic […]

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Mr. Hakim tailor in Wildindo

Hakim – Lead Tailor

Wildindo’s lead tailor Mr Hakim makes new designs and organize other tailors to work efficiently on our products and color leather. He is always busy and still makes the final product in perfect condition.

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Rattan Makers

Rattan makers rattan can webbing
Rattan Maker Mr. Sunardi making rattan cactus lamp shade

Sunardi – Rattan Weaver

Mr. Sunardi is 44 years old and he started working with rattan in 1999. His family has a long tradition with rattan weaving passed from his grandfather.

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