Sunardi – Rattan Weaver

Rattan Maker Mr. Sunardi making rattan cactus lamp shade

Mr. Sunardi is 44 years old and he started working with rattan in 1999. His family has a long tradition with rattan weaving passed from his grandfather. He was also following his father with the tradition. They originally come from Mayang village from Jember, East Jawa. It is known area for rattan makers and there is plenty of rattan in the jungle.

His passion is making the crafts from rattan. One day he wishes he would have his own rattan factory with his son Muhlis, when the right time comes. At the moment there are not enough orders to supply more than he can manage by himself and his son’s help.

Mr. Sunardi works on few different crafts with us. Making unique cactus lampshades, rattan helmets and home decors and furniture.

Did you know that rattan becomes flexible when heated?

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