Custom order guidelines and rules

  1. Sketches and pictures are welcome, but if you draw on a white paper or on the picture, please use a pen. Pencil is not properly visible when you send a photo or scanned document.
  2. Make sure that the sizes and measurement is correct.
  3. Attach pictures or sketches from front, back, side, inside, bottom and details if needed. We are very visual people and it is clear and understandable with pictures and drawings around it.
  4. Stamp and Embossed logo. We can make your designed text or logo. It takes extra 2-4 days depending on the difficulty.
  5. You can request branded accessories, for example zipper or logo on a metal plate – gold, silver or antique.
  6. It is easy to be confused as there are many leather processes and types of leather. If you want vegetable tanned leather, but send us picture of the bag made from goat soft leather. The results will not be same, even though the design and style will be following your pattern and sketches.
  7. Leather Color. We paint leather by ourselves and we try our best to meet the specific color you require, but it most cases it will be slightly different due to the process of coloring, drying and finishing the leather. In addition every batch might be slightly different.
  8. Accessories color needs to be specified in the beginning. Silver, gold or antique.
  9. We work with 2 rounds of revision and that also includes changing agreed design when it is progress. If you change details of wholesale production, there might be additional charges.
  10. After sample price estimation is made, we will require 50% deposit in advance. When the product sample is finished you will have 3 days to respond and process the second payment. If for any reason you decide not to take the sample or don’t want to continue with the second half of the payment. We will sell it in our shop. In most cases deposit is non-refundable.