Product Care

How to look after leather on Wildindo products?

The WildIndo leather crafts are long-lasting items and naturally you would want to keep them in a good shape. There are few types of cleaning and what you can do to keep them in condition you desire.

  1. Prevention and storing. Keep it out of direct sun for long period of time. Store it in dry environment as it can get moldy if in closed space for too long. Leather needs to breath.
  2. Damp cloth. Cleaning with damp cloth can be quite regular depending how often you wear it and how dirty it gets. You might want to do it every 2 weeks. Make the cloth wet in clean water. Do NOT use any cleaning chemicals or soap.
    Note: inside bag – suede, do not use water and damp cloth. You can use specific brush for suede.
  3. Cream/Conditioner. Depending on how often you wear it, you can use it every 6 months. Cream and conditioner makes leather moisten and that prevents drying out and cracks.
  4. Polish. Polish is mainly used for make the leather more shiny. This is optional and does not add up for long-lasting. You can use it with care if you want to change or improve the shiny leather.

There are many kinds of products and in case you would use any cream, conditioner or polish. Please read the description of a product and try it first on small part of the leather before applying it on full bag. If you are still unsure about any products in your area, please find the local leather shop and ask your expert.

How to look after rattan on Wildindo products?

Rattan is natural plant and in a product it is already dried.

  1. Not too hot. Keep it out of direct sun for too long, except for drying in case you spill some water or it rains on it. Dry it on the sun till fully dry.
  2. Not too wet. Keep in dry conditions, not in damp environment to avoid moldiness.
  3. Clean it with light brush or vacuum cleaner from dust. Try to avoid water and chemicals for cleaning.

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