Karo clutch


Handmade style inspired by Karonese artisans from Sumatra. Karo clutch is amde from Pandanus grass and lined with soft lining. Based on history and style of the clutch, it is perfect for wearing as a special item and as a gift.



Karo clutch is a traditional clutch that is made from Pandanus leaves. It is made by Karonese artisans in North Sumatra and it is special for wedding days. This clutch is usually a gift to the bride’s family during the ceremony and asking for their family blessing to get married.
We took this clutch and put it in our collection as a reminder of a special day. We keep it original from our artisans and only add a zipper and soft lining. Wear it with you and you will feel special as well.
Those days, where a family of man is meeting with family of woman to ask for a blessing call “mbaba belo selambar”.

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Dimensions 19.5 × 25 × 1 cm


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