Rattan Helmet Natural


Handwoven rattan helmet mainly gives you safety on the road. Extra rattan on the helmet gives you style and look when driving your scooter in Bali or anywhere on the road with a small motorbike.

Rattan layer is handwoven on top of helmet. We do not modify the helmet. There are few colors you can choose, but the natural one is the best. Optional colors are pink and green.

It is half face helmet that covers head and ears. The helmet includes wind protection glass and chin strap.

When you are on the road on your scooter or motorbike we recommend using helmet. Somebody else can still make a mistake.

As rattan helmet is bigger and heavier than our bags and accessories, we only offer pickup in our stores in Bali. If you love it so much and still want to get it shipped to you, get in touch with us and we will give you a individual price based on your shipping address.

See our sizing guide.
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Weight 2500 g

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Who made it?

Rattan Makers

Rattan makers rattan can webbing
Rattan Maker Mr. Sunardi making rattan cactus lamp shade

Sunardi – Rattan Weaver

Mr. Sunardi is 44 years old and he started working with rattan in 1999. His family has a long tradition with rattan weaving passed from his grandfather.

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